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Cabrillo Ave Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Principal's Message

    I am very proud to serve as principal of Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School. When I was five years old, my family moved to the South Bay from post revolutionary Cuba. We entered as political refugees, and we struggled hard to achieve the American dream.

    I am a proud product of LAUSD and UCLA. I believe in public education as the basis for social justice. My mission is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to learn and pursue his/her dreams. We owe them the very best every day.



    clifford visits cabrillo

    Our favorite literary dog, Clifford, made a special visit to Cabrillo on December 13 to promote our book fair. The book fair helped us raise money for our library, which allowed us to buy more books. Student Jose Pena was our big raffle winner. He was able to pick out his favorite books and school items from the prize bin. Congratulations.

    Teachers College Training

    On the first week of December, Kelley Lavery and Kristi Guinness, trainers from Teachers College, planned with teacher grade level groups to develop lessons for more effective reading instruction. The groups met to learn more about reading research and best practices, and then the trainers demonstrated the strategies in the classrooms. It was a great learning experience for both students and adults. Teachers are now starting to use the Readers Workshop model with their students and building their classroom libraries. Our trainers will return in February, March, and April to continue the great work.

    We were able to pay for the training through a special state grant, which also includes funding for classroom libraries and chrome books. Every student should be reading books at his/her independent level for an hour a day between home and school.


    Cabrillo Avenue encourages that all students will encounter rich, varied experiences that will accommodate their unique and individual learning styles. Every students will acquire knowledge and develop skills and habits necessary to function productively in society. All students will develop skills in higher order thinking and problem solving and will have access to modern technology, learn how to use the tools used in everyday life.  Cabrillo students will learn to work with others in a collaborative effort and respect different cultures and individual differences. 

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    Strike Update


    LAUSD teacher strike goes ahead 1/13/19

    United Teachers Los Angeles confirmed yesterday that its 30,000 members will go on strike today, with picketing to begin at 7:30 a.m. A rally and march will follow at 10:30, starting at Grand Park on Spring Street, in front of City Hall. A last-minute offer from Los Angeles USD was not enough to avert the action; the package included a 6% raise, and the addition of 1,200 new teachers in the upcoming school year. Superintendent Austin Beutner said the offer would reduce high school and middle school class sizes by two.  Most schools today are scheduled to be open during normal hours and offer after-school programming, though extracurricular activities and sports are on hold. State preschool sites will be closed, and early education centers will only be open for students with special needs. School administrators, school police and bus drivers will be reporting for duty. The district has hired about 400 substitutes and redeployed 2,000 district staff with teaching credentials — to replace about 31,000 striking teachers union members.

    Code of Conduct

    1. Be Safe (on school grounds before, during, and after school)

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Respectful

    4. Be Honest

    5. Appreciate Differences

    6. Be a Life-Long Learner

    Ms. Gastelum reviews expectations with students. The focus for August and September is respect.

    Winter Program

    Each grade level participated in the winter program. Parents were invited on Wednesday, December 13, and students performed for their peers on December 14. The teachers worked very hard to put the program together along with our music teacher, Ms. Franck-Thompson.


    In December, the Cabrillo Avenue first graders received lovely gift bags with books, writing materials, and a teddy bear to remind them that volunteering helps make the world a better place. Four volunteers from the Volunteer Center in Torrance came to the school on Tuesday, December 11, visiting Ms. McManus Ms. Morreale’s classes and reading to the students. First graders from Ms. VanSant and Ms. Pantoja’s classes also received their bags.

    readers workshop