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Cabrillo Ave Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Principal's Message

    I am very proud to serve as principal of Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School. I moved to San Pedro from Long Beach three years ago and I am very happy to serve the community in which I live as an instructional leader. 

    I look forward to working with our community, parents, and students in order to make Cabrillo Ave Elementary the place to grow and learn in San Pedro!

    Dr. Nathan MacAinsh



    Library student and staff

    Science Fair

    Cabrillo students participated in a variety of marvelous experiments and learned about science first hand. This first grade experiment was created by Ms. Mc Manus' first grade class. Can you guess which objects float? You might be wrong on a few.

    If you liked our science projects, you will love our upcoming  STEAM Magnet Program, which  will focus on science and engineering. There is still time to sign up. See Libertad Morales, the Parent and Community Representative, for support.

    Teachers College Training

    library staff meetingOn the first week of December, Kelley Lavery and Kristi Guinness, trainers from Teachers College, planned with teacher grade level groups to develop lessons for more effective reading instruction. The groups met to learn more about reading research and best practices, and then the trainers demonstrated the strategies in the classrooms. It was a great learning experience for both students and adults. Teachers are now starting to use the Readers Workshop model with their students and building their classroom libraries. Our trainers will return in February, March, and April to continue the great work.

    We were able to pay for the training through a special state grant, which also includes funding for classroom libraries and chrome books. Every student should be reading books at his/her independent level for an hour a day between home and school.

    Mental Health Workshops

    Teacher staff meeting in classroom

    Ana Romo, District Counselor, presents mental health workshops for parents and community members on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm this spring for 11 weeks. The first sessions was held on April 24th, but more will follow. Participation is open to everyone, even those who did not attend the first session. Important topics include depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, grieving, and childhood disorders. Ms. Romo talks about these challenges and offers strategies for copying in today's modern world.


    teacher in classroom teaching


    Cabrillo Avenue encourages that all students will encounter rich, varied experiences that will accommodate their unique and individual learning styles. Every students will acquire knowledge and develop skills and habits necessary to function productively in society. All students will develop skills in higher order thinking and problem solving and will have access to modern technology, learn how to use the tools used in everyday life.  Cabrillo students will learn to work with others in a collaborative effort and respect different cultures and individual differences. 

    promoting wellness for all


    Ms. Gastelum, our Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) wrote a wellness grant so that we can create a wellness room at Cabrillo. This room, sponsored by Blueprint for Wellness, will have exercise bicycles, yoga mats, weights, and massage chairs for the staff and community volunteers to take care of their bodies and minds. We all need to release a little stress and keep ourselves healthy.

    Code of Conduct

    1. Be Safe (on school grounds before, during, and after school)

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Respectful

    4. Be Honest

    5. Appreciate Differences

    6. Be a Life-Long Learner