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Cabrillo Ave Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Principal's Message

    I am very proud to serve as principal of Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School. When I was five years old, my family moved to the South Bay from post revolutionary Cuba. We entered as political refugees, and we struggled hard to achieve the American dream.

    I am a proud product of LAUSD and UCLA. I believe in public education as the basis for social justice. My mission is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to learn and pursue his/her dreams. We owe them the very best every day.



    clifford visits cabrillo

    Our favorite literary dog, Clifford, made a special visit to Cabrillo on December 13 to promote our book fair. The book fair helped us raise money for our library, which allowed us to buy more books. Student Jose Pena was our big raffle winner. He was able to pick out his favorite books and school items from the prize bin. Congratulations.

    Teachers College Training

    On the first week of December, Kelley Lavery and Kristi Guinness, trainers from Teachers College, planned with teacher grade level groups to develop lessons for more effective reading instruction. The groups met to learn more about reading research and best practices, and then the trainers demonstrated the strategies in the classrooms. It was a great learning experience for both students and adults. Teachers are now starting to use the Readers Workshop model with their students and building their classroom libraries. Our trainers will return in February, March, and April to continue the great work.

    We were able to pay for the training through a special state grant, which also includes funding for classroom libraries and chrome books. Every student should be reading books at his/her independent level for an hour a day between home and school.


    Cabrillo Avenue encourages that all students will encounter rich, varied experiences that will accommodate their unique and individual learning styles. Every students will acquire knowledge and develop skills and habits necessary to function productively in society. All students will develop skills in higher order thinking and problem solving and will have access to modern technology, learn how to use the tools used in everyday life.  Cabrillo students will learn to work with others in a collaborative effort and respect different cultures and individual differences. 

    January 21, MLK observation january 30, big smiles dental visits

    Welcome Back

    We are so glad to have our teachers and students back on campus where they belong. Our teachers marched to bring about change: smaller class sizes and more nurses, counselors, and librarians to support our students. Now we are hitting the ground running as we get ready to implement Readers Workshop, receive further training and begin SBAC testing in the spring. We will make up the week missed and give 100% to our community of learners.



    Happy Birthday MLK

    “Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice, say that I was a drum major for peace, I was a drum major for righteousness, and all the other shallow things will not matter.”
    From the February 4, 1968 sermon in Atlanta.

    We remember Dr. King and the lessons that he taught us about peaceful resistance to unjust laws and practices. As we launch into Black History Month, this is a great opportunity to talk to our children about social justice and the educational system that should help us bridge the inequalities found in our society.

    Code of Conduct

    1. Be Safe (on school grounds before, during, and after school)

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Respectful

    4. Be Honest

    5. Appreciate Differences

    6. Be a Life-Long Learner


    Fourth grade students built wind-propelled vehicles and launched them in the school yard in order to test their designs. This lesson is an example of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Cabrillo will open a STEAM Magnet in 2019/20. The application process will open on February 1st. Interested parents may apply at or come by the school and ask Jackie Honorio, Community Representative, for help. The program is open to Cabrillo students who will be in grades 1st-5th next year and to all of those within LAUSD boundaries.

    Community Representative

    Jackie Honorio, our former Community Representative, has been promoted to special education assistant. She would like to become a teacher, and this is a great first step. We are now looking for another Community Representative. If you are interested in applying, come by the main office for more information.

    Good-Bye ms. elsa

    Cabrillo says good-bye to Ms. Elsa after seventeen years of service. Elsa will be moving to a school closer to her home to lessen her commute so that she can spend more time with her family. We will miss Elsa very much. She has been a big part of the Cabrillo family.